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Tool Of The Week: Tired of having to put codes like this on your site?

Money Mondays Tool

Here's a smarter choice. Get Segment which allows you to add all of these codes onto their own platform very easily. No more wondering how to place a code on your </head> tag. 

For all of you non-technical people out there you're probably like holy sh*t!

How we use it: At one point we had tools like Google Analytics, Optimizely, Facebook, and many more all pulling data simultaneously from our site. Now with one simple line of code from Segment it automatically sends the required data to all of these tools seamlessly. 

It many not seem like it, but it makes tracking what's on the backend of your site much easier. 

Article Of The WeekThe Most Dangerous Leadership Traps -- and the 15-Minute Daily Practice That Will Save You via First Round Review.

What we took away: Remember to always think for yourself. "Once you trust yourself to think critically about others' opinions and humbly adjust your own when necessary, you've found a healthy middle path: openness."

Never take what people say as fact. It's important to always think for yourself, make your own decisions and be accountable for those decisions. 

Infographic Of The Week (Courtesy of Think With Google): Remember when you went to the store and bought everything?

Then you began shopping on your computer and having products shipped to you.

The next wave of shopping is here. According to the infographic there was a 29% increase in mobile conversion rates this year alone.

Mobile Growth Google

At Born Fitness we have seen an increase 65% increase in mobile traffic to our site this month alone compared to last year. We only expect this number to continue to increase. 

What does that mean?

It means you should be focusing heavily on the number of visitors coming from mobile and improving your overall mobile experience. 

You can review this data in Google Analytics here...

money mondays google analytics

Then you can see how your site look on specific mobile devices HERE

Lastly, always check how Google grades the speed of the mobile site HERE since this is used in their SEO algorithm. It also shares a grade for the mobile user experience. 

These grades are more indicators of things you can fix. There isn't a rule of thumb around what your score needs to be. That said, if your score is 10 then you have some work to do.

Keep hustling.

Adam & Jordan