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The First Rule of Social Media: There are No Rules

There is no science of social media. This is what happens when you are working with a relatively new field, with changing technologies, new platforms, and different functionality added every few months.

We have tools that we know work.

There are methods that anecdotally produce results.

And there are case studies of what can lead to a disaster.

But most importantly, we have very few absolutes.

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Is Organic Reach Dead on Facebook?

[Ear muff warning]

“What the fuck Facebook?”

Step inside Born Fitness headquarters and it’s a phrase you were likely to hear just a few months ago. I assume we’re not the only ones who uttered those words after Facebook implemented yet another News Feed sorting algorithm.

For those not familiar, Facebook has drastically reduced a business’ organic reach per fan. The reasoning behind this is Facebook has grown to over 1 billion global users. The number of friends and page likes are higher than ever. As a result the noise has become almost deafening and Facebook is now determining what content you see and what you don’t.

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