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But before you do, I want to explain why we do in-house consulting.

Our approach to one-on-one consulting is designed based on one of the biggest developments of the 20th century

I’m talking about one simple change that allowed an industry filled with multi-millionaires and billionaires to receive an instant shot in the arm, increase in revenue, and hope that change was coming sooner rather than later.

That advancement was not technological; it was a move that allowed for any team to become stronger.

That change was free agency.

If you know anything about sports, free agency decision completely changed the game, not only in terms of wins and losses, but also from a revenue standpoint.

The ability for any team to sign any player to a contract changed the face of sports and has allowed entire franchises (here’s looking at you Cleveland Cavaliers) to ignite new life into their business by the acquisition of a few key players who are capable of changing everything.

Our model of one-on-one consulting is like hiring a top-tier free agent. It’s your chance to instantly improve your business, raise expectations, and accelerate your potential growth and immediate ROI.

If you hire Born Fitness for one-on-one consulting, we join your team, come work for you, bring all of our star-power to your business, and ignite instant growth and shore up weaknesses where you need it most.

Whether it’s putting us to work on your editorial, becoming your online marketing team, or building, developing, and executing an entire marketing funnel, you have the ability to have our maximum bandwidth focused on your brand or business.

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