john berardi | co-founder, precision nutrition

"Adam Bornstein is a talented writer, storyteller, connector, business strategist, and coach. For years, he's been a trusted friend and advisor...for both me, and for Precision Nutrition."

shannon pappas | svp and general manager, certification at beach body

"I brought Adam and his team in to identify key areas of opportunity in our digital marketing strategy. They took an analytical, fact based approach that lead to great conversations and improvements across all areas of marketing: site conversion, search, social, etc. In the midst of all of this, we were launching a new product that allowed us to put their launch strategy recommendations in place real time and the results were outstanding.
Adam has a way of breaking down complex problems into the simple and is extremely easy to work with. Not only is he able to clearly and simply deliver against objectives, but he has an amazing gift for seeing things from the perspective of the customer - a truly rare quality. I would definitely work with him again."

Alan Aragon | World Renown Nutrition Expert and Men's Health Advisor

"I've known Adam since the dark ages when he was in charge of the fitness content of Men's Health magazine. I owe a big part of my current notoriety to him. A little-known fact is that Adam is the editor of some of my best work in print and online media. In my collaborations with Adam, he is rigorously objective when it comes to controversial claims and ideas that circulate the nutrition and training arenas. He's also a practitioner who works with real clients (successfully), and he maintains the heart of a scientist. Adam is an all-around badass dude, and I'm very fortunate to have him as a friend and colleague."


"I've been working out for a long, long time, but when I have training-related questions I turn to Adam Bornstein. Adam possesses encyclopedic knowledge of training and nutrition, which is great, but the real reason I turn to him is because he isn't dogmatic in his instruction. Fitness isn't a black or white proposition, and he is among a handful of trainers who sees the full spectrum of greys between the two. That kind of agnosticism isn't too common these days, but then Adam isn't your common trainer." 

sol orwell | founder examine.com

"We were lucky that when asked, Adam joined our advisory board. Considering the only other one he's on is Arnold Schwarzenegger's fitness advisory board, I think we did well!

The truth of it is that taking scientific research and making it accessible to the layperson is not easy. From the writing style to the technical nature of research (both research itself and field-specific), it requires a trained eye to discern what the layperson would find useful.

And that is how Adam has been an amazing help for us. Helping us focus on what is important and leave the niggling details to those who care, he's been a fantastic asset to us as we've grown from conception to becoming one of the largest nutrition websites out there."

abby lerner | editorial director, greatist.com

I've been very lucky in that my job has afforded me the opportunity to connect and collaborate with some of the smartest minds in the health and fitness space, but Adam is truly in a class of his own. He clearly has a deep understanding of all the latest research, but what really sets him apart is his ability to communicate these complicated concepts in an extremely clear, relatable way--and get you just as psyched about it as he is!"

eric cressey | president cressey performance

"Adam Bornstein is not only a great writer, but also one of the most well-read and innovative minds in the field of health and performance training. He also happens to be a great guy who has an unyielding passion for continuing education, and selflessly passing his knowledge along to help others. I love reading his work, and I'm sure you will, too."

arnold schwarzenegger | actor, former govenor, terminator

"When I decided to get back into the fitness game, I sought out the best and brightest experts in the field. In that search, I asked everyone from my fans to my advisors who they recommended I look at. Without fail...Bornstein kept floating to the top."

keri glassman | founder nutritious life

"Bornstein is the real deal! He knows his stuff inside and out and is my number one go-to colleague for opinions and expert advice in all things fitness and nutrition."

ashley ross | time magazine

"Adam Bornstein is not only an expert on health and wellness, he is a friend when it comes to personalizing what you're looking for in the fitness space. He does not have a one-size fits all approach to his advice, but a unique take on what will work for you. He understands content in a way that reaches an audience and makes an impact."

naomi piercy | digital product director, american media

"Adam's one of the sharpest guys in the health and fitness space, sure. He knows his stuff. But he's also one of the most genuine and caring humans on the planet. Skills blended with sincerity is a rare and welcome mix."

joe manganiello | actor

"When it comes to modern fitness authority...all roads lead to Adam Bornstein."

ashley borden | celebrity trainer

"Adam is my long lost brother from another mother. This guy is one of the smartest, funniest, most supportive people I have met in the fitness industry. He has the ability to tap into your strengths and expand them; all the while making the experience interesting and fun. I have a tremendous amount of respect for Adam, and I am honored to call him my friend."