Hiring your traditional PR company is generally a big waste of money. If you want to get published, most editors just skip over those pitches.

The same goes for those that claim they can help you write better content or produce a best selling book. They are offering solutions that try to game the system, rather than following a technique that works regardless of platform.

And that’s what we offer at Born Fitness consulting: A proven approach that has resulted in our work and our clients’ work being published in more than 50 different outlets.

Great content is what builds an audience, grabs attention, establishes your brand, and ultimately creates trust and the ability to share your ideas, products, and ability to help others.

The problem: most people don’t know how to structure their ideas, craft their brilliant thoughts, or break through the admittedly very political world of publishing.

That’s where we come in.

How Publishing/Ghost Writing Works

50 million is not an accident. That’s how many readers we’ve reached through content in print and digital media—and that doesn’t even include the 6 books we’ve authored (including one New York Times best seller), and the three books we’ve ghost-written (including 2 best sellers).

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Warning: We only select a small number of clients.

Why? Because when we work with you we put our own reputation on the line.

For publishing, we’ll help you craft your pitches and put you directly in touch with the biggest editors in the world to help your content reach hundreds of thousands or millions of people.

For ghost writing, you’ll receive hands on help crafting your book proposal in the same way that has resulted in 6- and 7-figure book deals for first time authors.

But the process is only for the dedicated, as there will be minimum time committed expectations.

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