Pen Name Consulting


We don’t believe in guesswork.


Our team has decades of real-world experience with quantitative and qualitative data (and an exclusive research process) to create a growth strategy that’s unique to your goals and business.

We conduct real-world interviews with your real-world customers (or target market), exhaustively examine the best to create engagement and interaction with audiences, and breakdown what your competitors are doing so you can beat them and own your market.

When you hire an agency, you aren’t just looking for someone to do a job. You want someone to do it better than anyone else in the world.

That’s our commitment to you.

Here is what we do:

Consumer Insights: Discover what your customers really want.

Find out exactly what your customers want and are excited to pay for. We’ll tap into your audience to find out exactly what they want and need, and understand their hesitations and concerns. Techniques include:

  • Market Research

  • Jobs to be Done Research

  • User Surveys

  • Product Market Fit

  • Competitive Audit

  • User Testing

Branding: Master your identity and create products that sell.  

We’ve launched and scaled new products, best-selling books, eCommerce platforms, and personal brands. We help your team with:

  • Brand Positioning

  • Brand Tone and Voice

  • Brand Imagery

  • Long Term Strategy

  • Book Launch Strategy and Execution

  • Podcast Growth Strategy and Execution

  • Individual Platform Growth Strategy and Execution

Conversion: Strengthen your foundation to maximize profitability.

User experience and sales flow is the heart of any online business. We help you build an e-commerce experience, whether through sales pages, email funnels, paid social media campaigns, or paid search that capture and convert your target market. We provide:

  • Sales page copywriting and optimization

  • Email funnel creation and optimization

  • Ad copywriting

  • SEM/PPC Campaigns

  • Social Media Advertising

  • Audience Development and Retargeting

Content Services: Connect, Engage, and win your ideal customers.

We’re not here to deliver vanity metrics because getting more people to your site doesn’t matter if they’re the wrong people. We create an omni-channel strategy and back it up with award-winning content from in-demand creators to help you earn the respect and business of your ideal customer. This includes:

  • Content Strategy

  • Content Launch Strategy

  • Copywriting

  • Editing

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Technical SEO Audits

  • Organic Competitive Analysis

  • Existing Content Audit

  • Video Production

  • Video Scriptwriting

  • Video Search Optimization

  • Podcast Production

  • Email Strategy, Copywriting, and Marketing

User Experience: Get customers to stay longer and buy more.

Keep your product or service top of mind for your customers through an optimized experience that keeps them engaged.

  • Analytics Measurement and Reporting

  • Conversion Rate Optimization (A/B Testing)

  • Website Design and Development

The way it (usually) works…

Step 1: Find out if it’s a fit.

We'll only take your business if we're 100% certain we can help you move the needle.

Step 2: Build your business growth blueprint.

Our team conducts a forensic analysis of your business and its greatest opportunities, and provides you with a step-by-step strategy for what to do next.

Step 3: Execute.

We’ll either help you execute on the strategy ourselves, or help you find the very best in the business to do it for you if it’s beyond your team’s current capacity.