Pen Name Consulting

Tim Ferriss

Their Challenge: Digital expansion that led to new media opportunities. Tim needed to figure out an omni-channel approach that would scale his business beyond being a popular blog and bestselling author, and grow his podcast, social channels, and expand into TV.  

Our Work: We audited Tim’s entire business and created a strategic roadmap that would allow us to organically grow his audience through content (written, audio, and visual), making changes to his website, and providing more value that would help him rapidly grow his already strong audience. To nurture the relationship, we focused heavily on three components: email (growing Tim’s email list through a new weekly campaign called 5-Bullet Friday), podcast (significantly expanding his reach on his weekly show), and social (developing unique content on each channel, content heavy on Twitter, more short-form, how-to videos on YouTube, a TV series on Facebook Watch, and a visual overhaul on Instagram).

The Result: We managed all aspects of Tim’s online business, and achieved the following:

-Podcast dominance: We helped The Tim Ferriss Show reach Top-10 on Apple Podcasts, #1 Business Apple Podcast, and 3X Annual “Best of iTunes” while increasing his monthly downloads by more than 10X (the show has more than 300 million downloads).

-#1 Bestselling Books: We ran the book launches for two more #1 New York Times Bestsellers, Tools of Titans (was #1 for 7 straight weeks) and Tribe of Mentors.

-Television: Managed the digital launch of The Tim Ferriss Experience, and handled the product launch and promotion of the DirecTV show Fear{less}.

-Platform expansion: More than 5x growth on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, doubled blog traffic, and increased open rate and engagement on his email list.

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