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Want To Grow A Business? Follow This One Rule

I was not born an entrepreneur. Between the ages of 21 and 25 I changed jobs 6 times. Yes, six.

And at the end of that journey, I found myself digressing from a prestigious job (one of the youngest faculty members at the University of Colorado) to one I wasn’t personally proud of—managing a GNC [insert joke here].

I’ve never invented anything, and my business started because I was unwilling to endorse a corporate editorial direction that I felt cheapened the health and fitness business.

Call it a higher moral calling, but I thought people deserved more (and better) when it came to health and fitness information, as well as diet plans.

So I started my own business, made mistakes, fought legal battles, and learned a lot along the way.

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A Quick Lesson On Writing Headlines

You’re killing your traffic and you don’t even realize it.

You have great content. You know your stuff. And yet, no one is clicking on your articles or the average time on site is about 8 seconds…or about 300 seconds shorter than it should be for your content.

The problem: Your headlines suck.

The problem with writing good copy is that most people overthink the process. The most common headline mistakes are:

  • Trying to make the copy sound cute
  • Inserting puns
  • Writing something that sounds smart
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