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The 5 Biggest Facebook Advertising Mistakes

The news it out: Facebook ads are killing it.

And odds are, if you're running a business you've probably tested out the ads or at least played around with tools. (Note: if not, now would be a good time to start.) 

While there is no shortage of suggestions of what you should do, the reality of social media is that the rules are still being written

So while it's hard to say with certain what will work in almost any situation, it's very easy to say what will not get the job done. 

Success leaves clues. Failures leave scars. 

But it's those scars that build character, and if you allow them to heal correctly will make you stronger. And that's exactly the case with Facebook ads. Only in this case, we've done the suffering for you.

In this post you'll learn 5 rules that apply specifically for the health and fitness industry to keep your ads account in “good standing” with Facebook.

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How To Create A Facebook Call-To-Action Button

Facebook now allows its users to have a call-to-action (CTA) on the main header image of your Facebook page. 

While a seemingly small benefit, it opens the doors to an entirely new level of communication and connection. From gaining email addresses to downloading your app, Facebook just took a page from online marketing to leverage it's platform in a way that makes it even more valuable to your business.

The kicker? It’s completely free and you should make sure you have it setup as soon as possible. 

Facebook is providing real estate above the fold that helps benefit your business. 

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