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Dollar Shave Club

Their Challenge: Be more than a viral video and win the long-game. Dollar Shave Club needed to expand their brand to create a voice and destination for their growing consumer base. As a DTC business, Dollar Shave wanted to use content as a form of lead generation to nurture their audience for deeper engagement in a way that didn't feel like every other brand in the marketplace. In particular, they also wanted to leverage SEO win three main keywords: cheap razor blades, razor blade subscription, shaving subscription.

Our work: We conducted consumer research and focus groups, provided consumer insights, and built a strategy for content-based email lead generation. Specifically, we developed a content plan for their desired keyword targets (and related terms that would support those terms).

The Result: We helped established the foundation for growth beyond viral videos.

Creation of MEL: Our work was the foundation for the creation of MEL (a digital magazine), new print inserts in their packaging, and podcast/audio content.

DTC Email Surge: Lead capture opportunities via content allowed to DSC to increase their email list by 200K.  

SEO Dominance: Within months, the client climbed the organic search results page for all targeted terms. Today it remains one of the top two organic results returned for each:

Ranking #1 overall for “cheap razor blades”

Ranking #1 overall for “razor blade subscription”

Ranking #2 overall for “shaving subscription”

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