Pen Name Consulting

Masters of Scale

Their Challenge: Reach a bigger audience in the saturated podcast space. Despite the big name presence of host Reid Hoffman (co-founder of PayPal and LinkedIn), podcasts are not easily discovered in the iTunes universe. Because of that, the Masters of Scale production team needed an original way to drive awareness and increase downloads.

Our Work: We built a digital strategy that would leverage content, email, and social media to grow listeners and awareness. This included the creation of non-audio original content based off of the podcast to grow listeners on non-podcast platforms, and create a top-of-funnel strategy that would improve discoverability. In order to nurture the new audience, we used email campaigns to build a following and significantly increase listenership.

The Result: The show became a top-25 business podcast on iTunes and won a WEBBY Award for best individual podcast episode.

Masters of Scale grew their email list by more than 240%, which allowed them to directly promote each episode and grow downloads for each episode launch.

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