Pen Name Consulting

Four Sigmatic

Their Challenge: Expansion into the mainstream and deeper interaction with core consumers. Four Sigmatic is a fast-growing lifestyle brand built on category superfoods (mushrooms) that most people don’t know and understand. We had to help share the brand story of how the mushroom-based ingredients in teas and coffees can benefit wellbeing, and create intuitive content that could be used across all channels, including blog, social, and customer service.

Our Work: We created 38 long-form articles (+infographics) explaining the benefits of the ingredients in Four Sigmatic products, and identifying problem and solution tactics that would create relevance and awareness to a new audience for brand expansion. In addition, we helped with promotion and PR for the launch of their founder’s book Healing Mushrooms.

The Result:

-Brand Relevance: Four Sigmatic’s organic search presence increased dramatically, both in terms of keywords ranked for and traffic generated by those keywords.  As of February 2019, the brand ranks for 12.8K keywords. It ended December 2017 ranking for 2,630 -- nearly 5X’ing its overall search presence. The brand more than 7X’d the instances for which it ranked among the top 3 search results (52 in December 2016, 398 today)  

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