Pen Name Consulting


Their Challenge: Explosive brand launch and long-term relevance. Launch a direct-to-consumer wellness brand founded by LeBron James, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Cindy Crawford, and Lindsey Vonn. Build a brand strategy that differentiates itself from others in the supplement space, and cuts through the noise without being completely dependent on paid media for traffic.

Our Work: Led consumer insight work, built a team of advisors, helped create the formulations for the primary launch products, built a content strategy, create scripts for launch videos, and handle SEO for the launch of the business.

The Result: Ladder launched in December of 2018 with a “We are Ladder Campaign” video that reached more than 5 million people.

-Content Growth and Acquisition: Within 3 months, ranks for more than 1,800 keywords, including SERP 1 and 2 for more than 100 keywords, ranging from branded terms to relevant terms content topics related to fitness and supplementation.

-Revered Products: The four core products have an average of 4.8 stars from customers.

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