Pen Name Consulting


Their Challenge: Develop content that could be used to fuel a company-wide fitness initiative. Microsoft went through massive company overhaul where they realized their health content needed a complete refresh. We won the bid to build out content to support omni-channel digital efforts in health and fitness.

Our Work: Take one of the largest technology brands and fulfill the mission of helping more people access high-quality fitness and nutrition information. We created a digital library of more than 1,000 exercises, 250 workouts, 500 nutrition and fitness tips, including written advice, video demonstrations, and original photography,

The Result: We provided the executional support that allowed Microsoft to grow their fitness content via web, app, and other digital extensions, including:

-Relaunch of Microsoft Health

-Supported content partnerships with Men’s Fitness and SHAPE

-Provided the content for the Microsoft Fitness app

-Created structure and prompts for the Microsoft Health App

-Built content for the Shape Up! video game series.